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The future is now.

by on Dec.02, 2009, under ICM 501a Assignments

We have been talking about the future of technology forever.  Flying cars, watch sized computers, and virtual reality.  The truth is that we need to stop talking about the future of technology and live in it.  For years now we have had all of the above but people do not realize this.  The videos and the readings went in slightly different directions, I was most interested in the fact that technology has changed our expectations of others socially.  Since we became reliant on technology which I would say started back in about 1997, we have not been able to live without it.  Phones might as well be attached to our ears and computers are essentially our second brain.  Now I am not saying this is such a bad thing, of course there are people out there who believe that technology has made us lose sight of what is really important.  I agree with them to some degree but denying us these awesome toys is just cruel.

What I found most interesting was in the reading by Rheingold (2002) (do not know the gender, so I’m going to say hes male).  Rheingold has some extremely interesting points that were spot on to both my social life and the social lives of others that I observed.  For instance “Todays taboo…is to forget your [phone] or let your battery die”  (Rheingold 6, 2002).  The scary thing is is how true this really is, I cannot tell you how many times I have been with friends who have let their phone die, communication completely breaks down, we essentially turn to cave men because we have no idea how to organize things.  Now again do I think it’s a bad thing that we rely on technology so much, no I do not, but I think that there needs to be some grounding in there somewhere, something to bring people back to the real world where face to face conversation is actually good for you.  The second interesting point that Rheingold made about phones and technology was that “If you have a phone, you can be late” (Rheingold, 6, 2002).  This absolutely applies to my life and people I have lived around.  Its not so much that you can be late but rather that you can be reached at any point so no one is worried that you are not on time.  But this does not only apply to phones in my opinion, email has changed the entire framework of communication with employers.  How much easier has it gotten to tell someone you cannot make it to work, or that your sick, or that your stuck in traffic?  Most of the time we can email someone an excuse and show up late, show up the next day because we were sick and no one will even acknowledge that you were gone.  Email is like our own little dirty deeds doer.  Sounds weird but it has changed the way we get out of things.  Now if you are reading this Halavais, I have not used this in your class…yet.

Overall I just found the reading and the videos interesting, explaining how children are creating these complex designs that MIT students cant make.  How 10,000 dollars of equipment can put people in a make it yourself environment all over the world.  But most of all I found that technology like Rheingold said, has allowed us to not be somewhere but be somewhere at the same time.  To be late but still tell someone were late while in the act of being late.  The future is now, there is no more waiting, enjoy it everyone.

Would you use your cell phone knowing this was inside it?

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