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YouTube for sale

by on Oct.20, 2009, under ICM 501a Assignments

I have known for quite a while that a lot of the most viewed videos of all time on YouTube were in fact promoted or they had hired someone to get that view count up for them.  Obviously it is very hard to narrow which videos used these methods but you can bet your ass that it is being done left and right and serious money is switching hands.  Although “Guest Author” has a point.  Content is semi king along with promoting and creating a buzz for the video.  Without these companies and strategies viral sensations such as charlie bit my finger and leave Brittany alone would not have made it.  I have uploaded some videos to YouTube before, never reaching more than 500 views, which I was personally proud of but in the grand scheme of things if your looking for an audience that is a complete failure.

This article seems like it can very much relate to blogging as well.  For instance creating a rabit hole for users to follow your content in order to increase hits and then obtain bigger advertisements and make more money.  Another strategy that seems like it is cruel but effective is the commenting strategy.  Having a conversation with yourself is something I have heard of happening very often.  If anyone is a fan of Tucker Max then you should read his story on how he did just this to boost his salary by around 700 dollars a week.  But commenting in my opinion is very important, without capturing the users attention they will not comment, making things controversial and then sparking a fake conversation is one way to get people to contribute.  All of these strategies provided by this ghost author I feel are completely interchangeable for the most part and can apply to blogs.  I realize that we are not trying to become the next blogger millionaire in this class but these are important things to note.

Just remember when you are surfing YoutTube, blogsites, or even cnn.  Chances are someone was paid to put some comments up on the site to spark some sort of desired reaction and in the end meant to make money or increase popularity.

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